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About Imm0008dep

IMM0008DEP is a Form for Dependents who are accompanying an applicant who is applying for permanent residence in Canada. In simple terms, this form is used by candidates applying for permanent residency in Canada to declare their dependents who will be accompanying them to Canada. Dependents are children under 22 years of age or spouses, common-law partners, and conjugal partners who are over 22 years of age. This form helps Canadian Immigration Authorities assess the number of people applying for permanent residence, including dependents, to make informed decisions regarding whether applicants meet the eligibility criteria for immigration. The dependent family members should be included as part of the principal applicant's application. Therefore, they do not need to submit a separate application. However, they need to provide supporting documents and information about their relationship with the principal applicant, such as a marriage certificate or a birth certificate, to evidence the relationship and their eligibility for dependant status. To conclude, it is important to note that the IMM0008DEP form is important for individuals seeking permanent residency in Canada as it determines their eligibility to bring their dependents with them to Canada.

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Imm0008dep

Instructions and Help about Imm0008dep

In this video we are going to talk about the form mm triple zero eight which is a generic application form for Canada, so this video is going to be very straightforward in which we are going to talk a little about the form and who is it for and how are you going to fill this form irrespective if you are doing a paper application or submitting it via the online portal so let's get started Hi guys and welcome back to our channel As the name suggests imm-008 is a generic application from this form is applicable not just for family sponsorship programs but also other programs that is offered by IRCC for the context of this video we are going to focus our discussion only on the family sponsorship categorically on this possible sponsorship but I will touch upon some places if you are filling up this form for different programs In one of the previous videos that we had done we talked about the form imm-1344 which was an application to sponsor now that form is going to help IRCC to identify who is the sponsor and once the sponsor is identified correctly and if your application is complete you will get a sponsor approval but this form mm triple zero eight is a generic application form in which the principal applicant is going to be identified along with the principal applicants there can be also additional dependents which are going to talk about later in this video all right so let's now jump right into the system and see where you can find these forms now This form is a part of an application package now what's an application package it is a list of forms that is applicable in the case and the program that you...